SWDTP Conference 2017

‘Research in a Changing World: Critical Approaches’

Save the Date! Wednesday November 8th 2017
Call for Abstracts

This year, the SWDTP conference is looking for contributions on three wide-ranging themes. Most importantly, these streams can and should be interpreted very broadly and tailored specifically. We’ve included some cues and prompts below but however you think your research or experience may be able to speak to these streams will be welcomed by the conference – leftfield interpretations and ‘out of the box’ ideas are definitely welcome! This conference is a space for bright, bold and creative minds to come together to discuss, debate and explore what it means to do research in current times.

This is a great opportunity to showcase some research you’ve already started or finished, to rehearse your presentation skills in front of a sympathetic audience and to have the chance to turn your research into a published article. We will be working in collaboration with the student journal TOR with the view to producing a conference proceedings made up by YOUR contributions as students.

We are now accepting abstracts for oral presentations and poster submissions. The call is open to all SWDTP postgraduate students, across any discipline or pathway. The abstract should be no more than 400 words and submitted using the Call for Abstracts form, via email to swdtpconference2017@gmail.com. The deadline for oral presentations is Tuesday 1st August 2017. There is no deadline for poster submissions.

This year’s conference streams are:

“Closing The Borders?”

More than just about geographic, national or legal borders, this stream is also looking for contributions that address borders which may be disciplinary, conceptual, political or economic. For example:

– What borders are faced in the experience and practice of research, personal or professional?

– Do borders even serve any conceptual, theoretical or practical purpose? Should these borders be challenged?

– Should any of these borders be closed, is it possible?

– Are they being closed by particular practices or discourses?

– Should any of these borders be challenged?

“Critical Encounters: The PhD Landscape”

This is a more inward-looking stream, in the sense that this is about the day-to-day experiences of doing a PhD.  ‘Critical encounters’ can refer to:

– the important turning points in the research process;

– the kinds of important interactions with your research subject or participants;

– the kinds of reflexive and critical thinking that we may (or may not!) be expected to integrate into our research.

– What are the tensions between normality and originality?

– How should we balance being critical and being self-confident as researchers?

– What are the kinds of critical encounters we can expect as researchers, at any stage of our careers?

“Trust and Impact”

In an age increasingly underscored by debates about trust (or mistrust) in experts as well as the ubiquitous discussions regarding ‘fake news’,

– how should we approach our work as experts-in-training?

– Is expertise a prize or a problem?

– To what extent is it even possible to be certain of our own knowledge or expertise?

– What strategies do we have to be able to communicate our work effectively for different audiences?

– This is closely bound up in discussions surrounding ‘impact’: can the impact agenda help mitigate mistrust in experts?

– How does a researcher have impact, and how do we do good research?

– What do experiences of fieldwork tell us about these kinds of issues?

– Can we integrate different methodologies to be able to deal with any of these questions?

Click her to download the Call for Abstracts submission form.

For more information, find us on Facebook and on Twitter @SWDTPConference. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on swdtpconference2017@gmail.com.

We look forward to reading your submissions.

Clare Stevens & Louise Hatherall, on behalf of the 2017 SWDTP Conference Committee.