Academic Advisory Board

The SWDTP Academic Advisory Board (AAB) manages the education partnership between the institutions, and the development and implementation of academic programmes.  It decides on all operational and delivery and quality functions for the SWDTP, as well as taking funding decisions for collaboration funds and allowances devolved by the ESRC.  Our student reps have a close link with the AAB and they attend meetings to advise on how we work, our priorities and to provide detailed feedback from students.

Current members of the AAB are:

Professor Sally Barnes, University of Bristol

Dr Margherita Pieraccini, University of Bristol

Sonja Ho, SWDTP Manager

Joanna Williams, SWDTP Administrator

Dr Sean Cumming, University of Bath

Dr Kerry Papps, University of Bath

Dr John Brice, University of Bath

Ana Bullock, University of Bath

Katie Allan, University of Bristol

Dr Jo Haynes, University of Bristol

University of Exeter Logo Banner

Dr Marc Valeri, University of Exeter

Dr Bice Maiguascha, University of Exeter

Dr Rajesh Tharyan, University of Exeter

Elizabeth Noon, University of Exeter

Professor Richard Yarwood, University of Plymouth

Professor Chris Mitchell, University of Plymouth

Lucy Cheetham, University of Plymouth

Governance Structure