Call for SWDTP Student Blogs!

Have you seen our Student Blogs Database?

Try Blogging!Why not have a browse and read a couple of articles written by our students? There’s some great material out there and it might even inspire you to start a blog of your own!

If you already keep a blog and would like to see it featured on our database, why not get in touch with Jackson so that we can help promote your website to a wide, varied audience? It doesn’t have to be about your research, we have categories like Student Life, Travel and more so let us know what you’re writing about!

Or, if you’ve written a feature piece for an existing blog, we’d love to add a link to that too.

Thinking of Starting a Blog?

You’re busy and writing a blog may not seem like a good use of your time, but there are several reasons why keeping a blog may be useful to an SWDTP researcher:

  • You can frame your research in a way that presents it (and its value) to a wide audience
  • You can use it as a log of your own personal journey and development
  • You can write about anything- and give yourself some much-needed headspace
  • You can connect with others who may have similar- or totally different- experiences
  • And so much more!

If you’re interested, but want to know a little more, here’s a couple of articles on the London School of Economics’ Impact Blog that might help you out:

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How to write a blogpost from your journal article in eleven easy steps.

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