Co-Produced Approaches to Research Workshop

Brigstow Institute, SWDTP and SWWDTP collaborated to host a workshop exploring co-produced approaches to research in January 2021.

During the workshop students heard from leaders in the field, had a chance to hear about specific projects using this approach and explored how they might use these approaches in their own research.

We were joined by:

Professor Tim Cole (Director of Brigstow and History, University of Bristol)

Professor Marianne Ailes (French, University of Bristol)

Dr Helen Manchester (Education, University of Bristol)

Professor Josie McLellan (History, University of Bristol)

Professor Nicola Thomas (Geography, University of Exeter)

This workshop was open to ESRC and AHRC-remit students at any stage of their PhD.

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Click Here for reading, resources and other information for formulating co-produced research.

Josie McLellan’s Presentation: ‘SPAN: A Hands-On History Project’