Collaborating in a Virtual World: Video Series

Collaborating in a virtual world is more important now than ever.

The South West Doctoral Training partnership have put together a series of short animations on strategies and methods for collaborating in a virtual world. This four part series will be released over a number of weeks and will explore such subjects as how to develop webinars, podcasts, and how to remain present online.

Introduction: Collaborating in a Virtual World

Collaboration changes its meaning according to context and partner; from the research perspective it can mean working with a wide variety of organisations and individuals from private, public and civic sectors. Forms of collaboration may vary from an entirely co-organised and co-produced project, to a workshop, design of a specific data-gathering exercise, participation in a policy review, conference, placement or internship.

The SWDTP focuses on collaboration between the universities, which includes sharing best practice, resources and academic knowledge. As well as developing tailored training programmes for our students and staff, the Partnership also supports a wide variety of collaborative activities, including events and student placements, in public, private and civic society organisations.

Collaboration is at the heart of the SWDTP. We facilitate lasting and meaningful ties between researchers and organisations (big or small); we share best-practice initiatives between five universities and we support student-led programmes including the South West Research COOP, The Open Review Journal and the SWDTP Conference Committee.

Webinars: Collaborating in a Virtual World

A webinar is an online seminar held over the internet in real time. They allow interaction with a diverse range of stakeholders who may not be able to travel to be in the room. Webinar software usually allows a live Q&A feature for interaction with your audience. In this video we discuss more about webinars the ways in which webinars can be used as a form of collaborating in the virtual world.

Podcasts: Collaborating in a Virtual World

If you are an SWDTP student and have an idea for a collaborative project consider looking at our Student Led Collaboration Funding Page. Or if your project falls outside that remit consider other pots of funding from our Student Funding Page. Contact our Collaboration Facilitator Molly Conisbee ( for further information and help with collaborative projects.

Thanks to Make Some Noise Productions ( for producing these videos for us.