Collaboration and impact


Collaboration is at the heart of the SWDTP. We facilitate lasting and meaningful ties between researchers and organisations (big or small); we share best-practice initiatives between five universities and we support student-led programmes including the SWRC, TOR and the SWDTP Conference Committee.

Would you like to form a partnership? We would!
Whether you’re a multi-national corporation; a small-scale charity or a new start-up, if you have research-needs, we’d love to hear from you! Our students are keen to undertake social-science-based research placements and we can support this in a number of ways. To find out more about becoming a partner organisation, you can click on this link, or email our Collaboration Facilitator, Rob Keegan, to start forming a connection.

Our students have completed research for:

The Cabinet Office
The Environment Agency
PRISM, Bristol Drugs Project
Bath Islamic Society
And many more

Collaboration changes its meaning according to context and partner; from the research perspective it can mean working with a wide variety of organisations and individuals from private, public and civic sectors. Forms of collaboration may vary from an entirely co-organised and co-produced project, to a workshop, design of a specific data-gathering exercise, participation in a policy review, conference, placement or internship.

Our collaboration work currently has these main priority areas:

Why collaborate?

A great example of student-led collaboration is the workshop ‘Facing the risks of research: data security & risk assessment in question’.

On June 12th and June 13th, Lydia Medland and Maria-Teresa Pinto collaborated with FabRiders, an organisation that specialises in technology and data strategies, to design and deliver a workshop at the University of Bristol aimed at helping doctoral researchers strengthen their fieldwork practices and protect themselves and their research participants. Read about the event and download some fantastic resources here: Risk Research Workshop Report June 17