Disabled Students’ Allowance


If you have a disability which means that you incur additional expenditure in connection with your studies, then you may be eligible for an allowance.  The allowance can covers costs such as daily expenses and equipment (photocopying and consumables to be claimed through your RTSG), and for non-medical helpers such as support workers, specialist tutors, library assistance and note-takers.

The amount of each allowance is not fixed and is determined according to the individual needs of each student.

  • Any requests for DSA must be made and agreed in advance of the student committing any expenditure
  • If a new laptop is purchased via DSA, the student is required to pay a £200 contribution
  • No awards can be made for retrospective purchase of any equipment, facilities or personal assistance in connection with the disability
  • No expenditure can be claimed after the funding end date has passed or for support that will be provided after the funding end date
  • Fees-only students are not eligible for a Disabled Students’ Allowance

Discuss your additional support needs with your home institution in the first instance and let the Disability Officer know that you are ESRC funded