Reply To: Anyone else have children?

Georgina Lewis

Pamela – gosh yes I can imagine its a really emotional time for all of you. It’s just so uncertain at the moment isn’t it 🙁

Rhiannon – Oh my word I hear you on this. 7 month old teething at the moment, 3 year old wants my undivided attention, I’m exhausted… have you found anything to help?

Tom – sounds like we have the same work shift now haha. I’m definitely going to go through far too much gin and indian takeaway these next few months

Mike – I’m trying not to let my anxiety get on top of me but I’m feeling like there’s no realistic way I can keep up with the work pace I should be doing. Unsure how we address that… let me know if you find or think of anything!

Good luck to you all….we got this!!!!