Opportunities and Funding for Current Students


Are you looking for funding for your research or to run an event? The SWDTP has a wide range of funding pots to support your academic research and collaborative, cohort building, impact and placement activities. If you’ve got an idea but you’re not sure where to apply for funding, why not check out our Searchable Funding Guide or download a full list of funding pots? There’s funding for SWDTP Students, Non-SWDTP Students and Academic Colleagues, so take a look!

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, send an email through to the SWDTP Enquiries Mailbox or fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch to talk through your ideas!

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Research Training Support Grant (RTSG)

RTSG is available to all funded students to support your research.  It can be used for UK based fieldwork, attendance at conferences, training courses or other similar events and purchasing books and small items of equipment.  Students also have the opportunity to apply for a one-off, fully costed,  RTSG top-up.  Please refer to the guidance notes for further details.

Download RTSG Guidance Notes

Download RTSG Top Up Application-Form

Overseas Fieldwork Allowance (OFA)

Funding is available to support students to meet the additional costs of undertaking fieldwork outside of the UK. Please refer to the guidance notes for further details. 

Max Roger Taylor, utilised the OFA to travel to Brussels and Beijing to conduct EU research fieldwork. Read about his trip to Brussels here and his trip to Beijing here.

Download OFA Guidance Notes

Download OFA Application Form

Download End of Visit Report

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Overseas Institutional Visit (OIV) 

Funding is available to support students to visit a Higher Education Institution or and organisation conducting substantive research, outside of the UK for a maximum of 13 weeks. Please refer to guidance notes for further details.

Tom Avery visited the USA for his OIV. Read about his visit here to see what an OIV entails and its benefits to your studies. 

Download OIV Guidance Notes

Download OIV Application Form

Download End of Visit Report

Difficult Language Training (DLT)

Funding is available to support students undertake specialist language training relating fieldwork.  The need for the training must have been indicated on your original studentship application. Please refer to guidance notes for further information.

Eimear McLoughlin is currently undertaking her fieldwork in Denmark, so needed a better understanding of the language. Read about her DLT and how it’s impacted her research. 

Download DLT Guidance Notes

Download DLT Application Form

Download End of Visit Report

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Student Placements and Internships

The SWDTP Placement Scheme offers you the opportunity to get work experience of up to six months in a relevant partner organisation. This can benefit your research as well as helping to enhance your CV and future employment prospects.  All SWDTP-funded doctoral students are eligible to take part.

Greg Stride undertook a placement with the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Commons. Read about it here.

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Student Led Collaboration Funding

The SWDTP has ring-fenced funding for collaborative activities proposed and developed by our student communities. Funding of up to £5000 can be secured for a conference, event, workshop, network or other kind of activity.

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Impact Funding

The Impact Fund provides students with the opportunity to engage in impact and knowledge-exchange projects with non-academic partners. The scheme aims to allow students to bring their research to a wider audience and new user groups.

Students can apply for up to £1000 to support impact projects which arise, sometimes unexpectedly, from PhD research. This fund looks to highlight the importance of the impact of Social Science research.

Chloe Asker utilised this fund to run an 8-week mindfulness course. Read about how it went here.

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Student Cohort Building Fund

This fund is designed to support students in setting-up networking and research events. ESRC-funded students can apply for anywhere between £50 and £1,000 to support research events, cohort development and mixed social activities. These activities can be extended to the wider doctoral research community and you can apply in collaboration with your fellow students or individually, as Warren Speed did in order to hold a Christmas Party in Exeter.

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