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Welcome to TOR: a student led, peer reviewed and open access journal for the Social Sciences.

The editorial team are pleased to announce TOR Issue 4 is now published!  

Download your copy here!

This edition grew out of the SWDTP Student Conference 2017 theme of Research in a Changing World: Critical Approaches’ and an amazing array of articles and blogs related to the theme are included in this issue. These range from insightful discussions on the value of a digital presence for researchers, to papers examining topics of emotional and mental health while undertaking post-graduate research. The papers raise relevant issues during and after PhD study, and the future of academia. The issue concludes on a fantastic interview with Dr Frederick Harry Pitts, SWDTP alumnus and now Lecturer in Management at the University of Bristol, who shares with us his love for research and his research interests in the future of work; plus his involvement in the very first edition of this same journal.  

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More about TOR – The Open Review of the Social Sciences.

Our objective

To support academic publication by students with a student led, peer-reviewed academic journal that can support our needs as students, publicise the work that we do and provide a supportive yet rigorous platform for an introduction to the world of academic publishing.

TOR aims to…

  • Support early career postgraduate researchers at the SWDTP
  • Provide an institution for postgraduate publication
  • Be a student led, peer reviewed journal, for students and by students
  • Champion the work done by students at the SWDTP

TOR will provide…

  • Support for fellow students looking to publish their work in a ‘safe’ yet rigorous environment
  • Editorial experience to students who help run the journal
  • Peer review training for students to contribute to the journal process and towards their own professional development
  • An accessible platform for social science researchers

TOR is…

  • Open access and peer reviewed
  • Committed to supporting cutting edge postgraduate research
  • Student run and student led



We’re currently recruiting for new members of our editorial team and for student peer reviewers! We work collaboratively to put out calls for papers, peer review and edit the journal. As an editor or team member you’ll get the opportunity to do peer review training, and learn more about the nuts and bolts of putting an academic journal together.

There are lots of different roles so do consider it even if you have very limited time to offer as there may be something you can contribute. The editorial board meets roughly quarterly to discuss ideas, themes and drink tea- though much of the work is done electronically. We welcome participation at any stage of your research – and you can join for one edition only or as a more permanent member – whatever works for you.

What could you do?

  • Editors: Join the editorial board!
  • Peer review:  Review and critique articles/publications
  • Blog co-ordinator: Set the theme and find the bloggers
  • Publicity & Social Media: Advertise calls & publicise the published journal
  • Specialist Editors: Edit or guest edit special features or issues
  • Digital/IT: Uploading content and managing on-line portal
  • Publication: Publish your research with TOR!

So if you’re interested in getting front-line experience in this please drop us a line:

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