Funding for Academics

The SWDTP offers funding not just to students and early career researchers, but also to academics. Not only that, but we’d love to hear about and report on the successes of academic colleagues affiliated with the SWDTP.

We have two pots of funding available for academics across our pathways and institutions, for both training and collaborative activities (even if you don’t currently supervise anyone within the SWDTP!)

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SWDTP Funding

Did you know we now have two pots of money available to you for training and cohort activities?

Higher Training Fund which replaces the old ESRC funding for Advanced Training

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The purpose of the funding is to support staff to develop Higher Training activities and events within the SWDTP. Academic colleagues within SWDTP pathways are eligible to apply for up to £1k. These funds are eligible for cross-institutional collaborations and developments.  Please note: funds cannot be used to cover fees of experts/speakers/teachers, only for travel, venues, printing and accommodation.

Higher Training ranges from master classes in advanced quantitative and qualitative research skills, special lectures, seminars and master classes involving keynote guest speakers from other institutions worldwide, and annual events bringing together students and staff from across the region.  It is additional to core training within an individual [doctoral training] pathway. Some higher training will be discipline or subject specific, whilst other training may have a wider application.
For further details download the application form: Higher Training Application Form

Pathway-Led Collaboration fund which replaces the previous academic-led collaboration fund

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Pathway-led collaboration funding is particularly designed to encourage joint activities to be developed within and across SWDTP pathways, across disciplines, across institutions and with external partners and organisations. This may include:

  • workshops/events devised, developed & led by PGR students or experts in the field, on themes relevant to both disciplinary and inter-disciplinary working and future careers.
  • workshops/events that focus on themes relevant to the challenges and opportunities of working across disciplines and may include collaboration with the wider CDT and DTP community, to facilitate collaboration with disciplines beyond the social sciences and specific ESRC remits
  • collaborations between social scientists and organisations in the private, business, public and civic society sectors with the aim of furthering knowledge exchange and increasing research impact on policy and practice and promoting social science research to ‘non-traditional’ users.

For further details download the application form: SWDTP Pathway Led Collaboration Application Form

One amazing example of use of the Pathway-Led Collaboration Fund is the Standing Seminar in Critical Theory, lead by Dr Ana Dinerstein (Global Political Economy, University of Bath).

The SSCT initiative seeks to unite critical theorists within and across the SWDTP institutions, and in dialogue with external partners and organisations. The funding provide has been used to develop a multitude of different events wherein Critical Theory can be discussed.

You can find out more about the SSCT on their website here.

Got an idea for an event…

But not sure what funding you can apply for?

Then try our new Searchable Funding Guide to see the funding pots available to you and your students. Or, if you’d prefer, you could dowload the SWDTP Guide to Funding Pots or contact Molly Conisbee to discuss your ideas.