Pathway Leads and Supervisors

Pathway Leads and Supervisors

On this page you will find relevant information for your role as a Pathway Lead in the SWDTP, or as a supervisor of an SWDTP student. If any of the material you require is not here, please contact

SWDTP Studentship Process

Annex A: Studentship Application Form 2022 Entry

Annex B: Supervisor Supporting Statement 2022 Entry

Annex C: Scoring Criteria & Guidelines 2022 Entry

Annex D: Interview Structure 2022 Entry

Annex E: Final Nominations Template 2022 Entry

Annex F: Interview Hosts 2022

Annex G: ESRC Guidance on Steers and Targets

Admissions Statement & FAQs 2022 Entry

Studentship Recruitment Process 2022 Entry

Studentship Process Timeline for 2022 Entry

Other Resources

SWDTP Pathway Lead Contacts

SWDTP Pathway Lead Role Descriptor

SWDTP ID Pathway Supervisor Role

ESRC Postgraduate Funding Guide

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) FAQs

SWDTP Procedures

Procedures for Interdisciplinary Supervisors

Procedures for Markers and Moderators

Procedures for Interdisciplinary Research Examining

Procedures for Boards of Examiners