Allowances and Funding


Research Training Support Grant (RTSG)

RTSG is available to all funded students to support your research.  It can be used for UK based fieldwork, attendance at conferences, training courses or other similar events and purchasing books and small items of equipment.  Students also have the opportunity to apply for a one-off, fulled costed,  RTSG top-up.  Please refer to the guidance notes for further details.

Download RTSG Guidance Notes

Download RTSG Top-Up Application Form

Overseas Fieldwork Allowance (OFA)Joanna Thomas' OFA

Funding is available to support students to meet the additional costs of undertaking fieldwork outside of the UK. Please refer to the guidance notes for further details. Joanna Thomas, an Economic and Social History researcher, travelled to Canada to carry out research at the Maritime History Archive in St John’s.

Download OFA Guidance Notes

Download OFA Application Form

Download OFA End of Visit Report

Overseas Institutional Visit (OIV) Miriam Cohen's OIV

Funding is available to support students to visit a Higher Education Institution or and organisation conducting substantive research, outside of the UK for a maximum of 13 weeks. Please refer to guidance notes for further details. Pictured right is University of Exeter Psychology researcher Miriam Cohen, who visited South Africa. You can read about her visit here.

Download OIV Guidance Notes

Download OIV Application Form

Download OIV End of Visit Report

Difficult Language Training (DLT)

Funding is available to support students undertake specialist language training relating fieldwork.  The need for the training must have been indicated on your original studentship application. Please refer to guidance notes for further information.

Download DLT Guidance Notes

Download DLT Application Form

Download DLT End of Visit Report


Are you looking for funding for your event? The SWDTP has a wide range of funding pots to support collaborative; cohort building and placement activities. If you’ve got an idea but you’re not sure where to apply for funding, why not check out our Searchable Funding Guide or download a full list of funding pots? There’s funding for SWDTP Students, Non-SWDTP Students and Academic Colleagues, so take a look!

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with the SWDTP Collaborations Facilitator to talk through your ideas.