Let’s Collaborate!

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This is our SWDTP student podcast where, each episode, PhD students discuss their research, the impact they hope it will have and offer tips to anyone thinking about embarking on a PhD. They also provide some Social Science research and top tips for your PhD journey along the way!

Check out this flavor of what to expect and some tips for beginning your PhD below:

Episode 1:  Let’s Collaborate with Stefan on financial systems that are contributing to the climate crisis.

Episode 2: Let’s Collaborate with Rachael on the education of children in care.

Episode 3: Let’s Collaborate with Flo on the impact of childhood trauma on long-term health outcomes.

Episode 4: Let’s Collaborate with Beth on how children’s 24 hour movements, including sleep, sedentary behaviours & physical activity impacts their health.

Episode 5: Let’s Collaborate with Kimberley on ethnic minority mums and their fears about physical activity during pregnancy.

Episode 6: Let’s Collaborate with Faisal on the policy and economic implications of energy transitions from fossil fuels to green energy.

Episode 7: Let’s Collaborate with Felipe on gold mining in the amazon.

Episode 8: Let’s Collaborate with Georgina on green social prescribing and the role of volunteers in creating wellbeing.