Make Space: Panel Discussion: LGBTQ+ Experiences of Mental Health and Self-Harm

People who identify as LGBTQ+ are often at the sharp edge of social inequalities, often facing disadvantage throughout a range of social systems. While there are conversations happening about LGBTQ+ mental health, we do not believe they adequately explore (a) the systemic issues faced by the LGBTQ+ communities (b) the intersection of being both LGBTQ+ and someone with experience of self-harm. In this panel discussion, we seek to give space and time to the ways in which we might think about and experience self-harm and mental health in relation to queerness.

Facilitated by Make Space (, an organisation co-founded by SWDTP Student Courtney Sommer, panellists will present their own perspectives on the topic, and will also engage in broader discussion, responding to questions from attendees. The panel brings together a number of exciting speakers, who will provide vital, nuanced perspectives.

Speakers include:  

• Nim Ralph (they/them) – trans rights activist and freelance writer, trainer, and facilitator

• Ginny Russel (she/her) – interdisciplinary Senior Lecturer in mental health at the University of Exeter

• Tamara-Jade Kaz (she/her) – queer black creative facilitator and trainer based in London.

• Beth Ingram (she/they) – founder of youth peer support charity Hearts & Minds

• Max Cohen (he/him) – counsellor, trainer and group facilitator based in Exeter.

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