Meet the Team

Meet the hardworking folk who keep the SWDTP running!

Professor Richard Harris
SWDTP Director

Rich is Director of the SWDTP and Professor of Quantitative Social Geogaphy at the University of Bristol. Despite the quantitative in his title, he is a keen advocate for all types of social science research and methods. He believes the point of a University is to learn from other people, to challenge and to be challenged. He enjoys being so. Rich was an undergraduate in Bristol geography and hopes one day to have a room named after him. Or, a small cupboard, at least.

Image of the team coming soon!

Dr Angeline Mbogo Barrett
SWDTP Deputy Director

Angeline oversees the SWDTP’s collaboration activities, including the training and development programme, and the postdoctoral fellowship competition. She previously led an international research project on qualitative research training within doctoral programmes. She has also served as PGR Director for her department, the School of Education, University of Bristol.  

Some of Angeline’s best memories from her own PhD are the friendships she formed across the social sciences. As DD, she aims to facilitate doctoral researchers to form and connect with peer networks, through which their view of social research is challenged and expanded.

Sonja Foster
SWDTP Manager

Sonja has been the Manager of the SWDTP since 2012 and is responsible for the strategic development and delivery of all activities, as well as stakeholder management across the five partners sites and leadership of the Hub.  She obtained her MBA at Warwick University, whilst undertaking a head of department role at the Research Councils in Swindon.  Prior to that she worked at the Higher Education Funding Council for England.  She enjoys being a mum to her two daughters, travelling as much as possible, reading poetry, throwing axes and watching horror films…

Dr Molly Conisbee
SWDTP Collaboration Facilitator

Molly is the SWDTP Collaboration Facilitator and can help you with all things relating to placements, internships, or collaborative activities (including funding opportunities). She has a PhD in the social history of dying and death, and when not working with the SWDTP, can be found investigating graveyards, beetling through archives, or leading local history walks (often, but not always with a death theme). She also has a dog called Olive, who was a rescue foundling, and who dislikes squirrels and pigeons.

Dr Jude Hill
SWDTP Academic Engagement Manager

Jude collaborates with academic and professional services colleagues across the SWDTP to develop and deliver content for the training and development programme. She also works part-time for the University of Bristol’s Research Development team, supporting Social Scientists developing research funding bids. In the distant past, Jude completed an ESRC-funded PhD at Royal Holloway on the cultural geography of the Wellcome Collection, and then worked as a Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Exeter.

Eloise Ames
SWDTP Administrative Assistant

Eloise is the newest addition to the SWDTP team after graduating from Loughborough University with a BA in English. As you can imagine, she is an avid reader! But in her role at the SWDTP, she looks after the newsletter, Twitter account, responds to student enquiries, and supports the rest of the team in whatever is needed (usually a cup of tea or coffee).

Joanna Williams
SWDTP Administrator

Jo is the Senior Administrator and arrived on the doorstep of the SWDTP in Spring 2014.  She enjoys the challenges that cross institutional working can bring and is immensely grateful to work within such a great team whom are friends as well as colleagues.  Jo can help with additional funding to support your PhD via Overseas Fieldwork, Overseas International Visits, Difficult Language Training and your RTSG (Research Training Support Grant).

If you’re not sure who to contact, use our contact us page and it will be forwarded to the right person