Dr Alison Harper

Research Topic Title:  Applying advanced data science for health and social care operational decision-support to reduce delays in care.


Using data science, considerable value can be gained from health and social care data for supporting operational, strategic, and clinical decision-making to improve the quality of care in terms of efficiency, patient outcomes, staff satisfaction, and reduced costs. Due to the challenges in implementing these tools in an applied setting, studies tend to focus on technical, rather than implementation challenges. My PhD took a design approach to such applications in healthcare, emphasising an early focus on the challenges of implementation using iterative cycles of development and evaluation.

Lack of availability of community health and care services is a recognised contributor to the pressures faced by hospitals; optimising capacity allocation can improve cost-efficiency and patient outcomes. During this fellowship I will conceptually map community health and care services, which is a complex system of NHS and Local Authority-funded care, private carers, and the voluntary sector.  A set of preliminary models will be developed to generate outcomes of interest. The models will be designed iteratively for operational and strategic decision-support and emphasis will be placed on the usability of the models themselves, as well as to the handover and output materials. The aim is to explore how data science applications can support demand and capacity decisions in health and social care.

Mentor: Prof Thomas Monks


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Email: a.l.harper@exeter.ac.uk