Dr Zainab Mai-Bornu

Dr Zainab Mai-BornuResearch Topic Title: Bringing Women’s Voices Back in: Gender and Oil Conflict in the Niger Delta

My past and current research agenda focuses on Nigerian conflicts on two levels: first, my PhD on the dynamics of choice between nonviolence and violence in the Ogoni and Ijaw movements. Second, funded by the ESRC, ‘Bringing Women’s Voices Back in: Gender and Oil Conflict in the Niger Delta’ highlights the comparative role of women in conflict settings. In this detailed study, I use participatory video to document the local women’s experiences, needs and hopes in a lively way, told from their own perspectives. This captures an ‘insider view’ in a lively way that is accessible to diverse audiences. The project shows that women are an untapped resource for their soft influence on how societies and people work in a less obvious way. My project will deliver three major outputs. The first will be the production of a 20-minute digital video highlighting the overlooked voices of the Ogoni and Ijaw women in the Niger Delta, and two journal articles. My research findings will also be published on related e-platforms and shared through public engagement activities. My project will develop capacity to stimulate action, and will serve as a medium for conveying and influencing decision making at various levels. The pilot data generated in this project serves as the stepping-stone to my next big project and a key component of my five-year research plan, which, on the longer term, entails focusing on women and conflict in great detail.

Mentor: Dr Roy Maconachie


MAI-BORNU, Z. (2015) Boko Haram’s Six Years of Terror Have Revealed the Depth of Nigeria’s Troubles. The Conversation https://theconversation.com/boko-harams-six-years-of-terror-have-revealed-the-depth-of-nigerias-troubles-36164

MAI-BORNU, Z. (2015) Religious Identities and the Escalation of Conflict between ISIS and the West. E-International Relations http://www.e-ir.info/2015/05/26/collective-religious-identities-and-the-escalation-of-conflict-between-isis-and-the-west

Under Review

Unpacking the concept of nonviolence and violence within the Ogoni and Ijaw leadership in the Niger Delta. (Journal of Social and Political Psychology, October 2018)

Peace in the Niger Delta: Is Granting Amnesty to the Militants a Peace Making or Flawed Strategy. (Civil Wars, August 2018)

A monograph based on my PhD thesis under review with Routledge (submitted August 2018)

Between Nonviolence and Violence: A Comparative Analysis on the Dynamics of Choice in the Ogoni and Ijaw Movements in the Niger Delta. (Africa, July 2018)


E-mail: z.mai-bornu@bath.ac.uk

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