Dr Bernardita Munoz-Chereau

Bernadita Munoz-Chereau

Research Topic: Levelling the playing field: assessing through equity the quality of Chilean schools

My research is located in Education within the School Effectiveness and School Improvement field. My PhD study “Searching for fairer ways of comparing Chilean secondary schools performance: a mixed methods study investigating contextual value added approaches” was underpinned by Pragmatic ontological, epistemological and methodological assumptions.  The aim of my fellowship is to improve education primarily in Chile and potentially in other DAC listed countries in the region, by delivering new insights into the quality of Chilean schools through an equity lens provided by value added models applied to assess students’ performance. By increasing awareness in Chile, Latin America and elsewhere that different ‘value added’ indicators for different student groups are needed to assess the quality and equity of schools, as well as providing methodological tools coupled with evidence-based descriptions of effective schools, fairer and accurate tools for identifying good practice in the educational system will be provided. In addition, school accountability and school improvement efforts can be supported more effectively, helping to tackle the global challenge of high inequality in Chile. The activities of the fellowship will be mainly oriented to inform the behaviours and/or understandings of local users and policy makers around the approach and methods used. Some of the techniques used in my research– quantitative methods in general and Multi-Level Modelling specifically- have enabled a better understanding of the relative importance of the contribution of Chilean schools to student outcomes, but need to be mediated for colleagues and stakeholders before results are used at the school level.

Mentor: Professor Sally Thomas


Refereed journal articles

Muñoz-Chereau, B. (submitted) Gender Gap and School Differential Effects in Mathematics in Chilean Primary Schools. School Effectiveness and School Improvement.

Muñoz-Chereau, B. (2017) Representations of Dictatorship in Contemporary Chilean Children’s Literature. Children’s Literature in Education, 1-13.

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Muñoz-Chereau, B. (2013) Adding or not Adding Contextual Value in Language: An Instrumental Case Study in Two Chilean Secondary Schools. ICSEI Special Issue. Pensamiento Educativo. Revista de Investigación Educacional Latinoamericana, 50(2), pp. 28-50.

Book chapters

Thomas, S.M.; Gana, Y. and Muñoz-Chereau, B. (2016) The Intersection of International Achievement Testing and Educational Policy Development in England (pp. 37-57) in L. Volante (Ed). The Intersection of  International Achievement Testing and Educational Policy. Abingdon, Routledge.

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I am also a published author of 29 children books in Chile and the rest of Latin America.

Contact: edbmc@bris.ac.uk