Dr Jeremy Wildeman

Research Topic: Aid Effectiveness in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

I was awarded a GCRF fellowship to assess the aid policies of top foreign donors in the occupied Palestinian territories (OPT) vis-a-vis OECD criteria for aid effectiveness, such as: the Paris Declaration, Accra Agenda and Do No Harm.

This comprises an analysis of aid effectiveness in the context of ongoing conflict for a fragile and conflicted state. At the heart of my research lay questions about aid effectiveness in a region where development was meant to spur peace building within the political framework of an Oslo Accord Peace Process that began in 1993, but has failed to engender either development or peace. This is despite over $30 billion (and counting) in aid spending. In fact, the OPT economy and conditions for peace became progressively and precipitously worse from 1993 onwards. It is also a highly important case study owing to the scale of intervention by international donors, who have actively played a role in dramatically reshaping Palestinian state and society, and due to the importance of the Israeli-Palestinian relationship to Middle East and global security.

The GCRF supports researchers with an international development focus seeking to improve the welfare of people in OECD-DAC list countries. I aim to have an impact by disseminating my findings and providing recommendations, while also actively engaging with international policy makers and Palestinian stakeholder organisations working on aid effectiveness to influence policy.

Mentor: Dr Jason Hart





Twitter: @jeremywildeman