Dr Elizabeth Bermeo

Research Topic Title: Using data science to inform financial inclusion policy

My research focuses on financial inclusion from the perspective of individuals and households, specifically on the identification of socio-economic, institutional, legal, and cultural barriers that prevent individuals from using the formal financial system. Methodologically, my interests are in the application of advanced quantitative methods including multi-level and spatial modelling to determine patterns of exclusion at national and local levels. I therefore seek to inform, through my work, legislation, regulation and policy to tackle financial exclusion.  

During this Fellowship, as well as publishing from my PhD, I will disseminate my work to academic and non-academic audiences through conferences and roundtable discussions. These dissemination activities will mainly target governments, policy-makers and practitioners so that they can interpret and act upon my findings. I am confident that these interactions will allow me to build professional networks and consolidate my reputation as financial inclusion expert.

I will also establish research collaborations with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC) to develop a big data research project to assess the current state of financial inclusion across the UK and prompt debate about actions needed to enhance the access and use of financial services among excluded population groups. This research project will not only inform the FCA’s regulatory work on financial consumer protection, but also the work of other stakeholders interested in improving the financial inclusion and capability of the UK population, such as Citizens Advice and member organizations of the Financial Capability Strategy.

Mentor: Professor Sharon Collard


Bermeo, E., & Collard, S. (2018). Women and high cost credit: A gender analysis of the home credit industry in the UK. Women’s Studies International Forum (Vol. 71, pp. 85-94).

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Bermeo, E ., and Oh, J. (2013) What Determines International Tourist Arrivals to Peru? A Gravity Approach.” International Area Studies Review 16(4): 357–369.

E-mail: e.bermeo@bristol.ac.uk

Website: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Elizabeth_Bermeo