Dr Jessica Ogden

Research Topic Title: The Social Life of Web Archives
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Web archives provide essential windows into the Web experience through time. From early social networking sites like Myspace to web collections on 9/11, these digital archives memorialise the Web in ways that fundamentally shape our understanding of the past. In principle, they enable users to trace online communication in ways that are impossible without interventions to preserve online content that is perpetually subject to deletion, removal and neglect. Yet, at the same time the preservation of these digital traces enables their reuse in ways unforeseen by original content creators and archivists, posing potential risks to civil liberties and the institutions providing access. To fully acknowledge the impact of web archives, greater attention must be paid to how the Web is archived, by whom and for what purpose. And in a world where a pandemic is rapidly transforming the offline mediums of social practice, information and cultural exchange towards those that are fundamentally reliant on the Web, this research bears critical significance for how the social sciences will study the contemporary social world in future.

The aims of the fellowship are to demonstrate the significance of web archives, as well as critically shape the future of scholarship and policy development in this space. To achieve these aims, the project proposes the following programme of activities: disseminate my PhD research through publication and presentations; extend this research through a pilot project on how web archives are used; prepare a grant application to build on the pilot; and undertake additional personal development opportunities.

Mentor: Professor Susan Halford


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