Dr Paulina Ruiz-Cabello

Research Topic Title: Personal mobile technologies in secondary schools: developing international partnered efforts and participatory methods for debate and decision making.

In many countries, despite local or national mobile phones bans in secondary schools, students persist in bringing them which has resulted in variable and inconsistent approaches to deal with the situation. My research focuses on understanding what schools are considering in their decision-making regarding students’ use of personal mobile technologies (PMTs), and how students negotiate their everyday phone use within schools. I have found that mobile phone negotiation is multi-relational in terms of the interconnection of diverse – and commonly contested- interests of school officials, teachers, parents, and students. Thus, to avoid undesired outcomes but also to create (educational) opportunities, phone regulations cannot be reduced to a matter of self-control or avoidance of risks.

My postdoctoral fellowship aims to promote a change in the understanding, research, and definition of on PMTs regulations in school by providing a multi-relational approach. To achieve this, I will collaborate with Bristol Education Partnership and a school network in Valparaíso (Chile) in dissemination activities with school officials and teachers, as well as developing participatory workshops with teachers and students in secondary schools in Bristol and Valparaíso. Resources will be co-created in these workshops to inform schools’ decisions on PMTs use. I will also collaborate with researchers from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Bristol University, and Oslo University developing participatory methods to research PMTs in school.

My project is a timely contribution in the current context in which, due to the pandemic, the role of PMTs, and the boundaries between schooling and everyday life have been redefined.

Mentor: Professor Jennifer Rowsell


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/pa_ruizc

Website / Blog: https://research-information.bris.ac.uk/en/persons/paulina-a-ruiz-cabello