Student Reps

The SWDTP currently has several student representatives that meet as a committee and also attend Academic Advisory Board (AAB) meetings. Reps areĀ  recruited through an open call for volunteers. The reps have a shared e-mail address for receiving details of any issues that students would like raised at the AAB. Please e-mail them on

Maike Klein, Bath

Victoria Christodoulides, Bath

Mike Rogerson, Bath

Chris Gray, Bristol

Louise Austin, Bristol

Will Nicholson, Exeter

Celia Robbins, Exeter

Jess Bowyer, Exeter

Nasrul Ismail, UWE

Student reps are an important part of the SWDTP to inform the way we work and to lead various cohort building activities. If you are interested in becoming a student rep, please contact


Want to meet your student reps and find out more about joining the team? Check out the video below!

Meet Your SWDTP Student Representatives Team