Student Reps

The SWDTP currently has student representatives that are recruited through an open call for volunteers.

They represent the SWDTP students’ interests to SWDTP management and the Academic Advisory Board (AAB); attending AAB meetings; ensuring good communication between all parties involved in the Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP); managing SWDTP social events; providing input for DTP strategies, handbook and incoming funding applications; reviewing and evaluating Impact Fund applications.

If you have any questions for the reps or have any issues that you wish for them to raise at the AAB, please contact a rep from your institution directly via the emails on their profiles.

The reps attend meetings 4-5 times a year at venues rotated through the institutions. The latest meeting was on the 8 June 2022 at the University of Bath.

Conor Francis Macis

Socio-legal studies, University of Bristol

Sophie Townend

Psychology, University of Bath

Oby Bridget Azubuike

Advanced Quantitative Methods, University of Bristol

Maite Ibáñez Bollerhoff

Sociology, University of Bristol

Maxime Perrott

Advanced Quantitative Methods, University of Bristol

Hannah Hayes

Sustainable Futures, University of Exeter

Nicole Russell Pascual

Psychology, University of Exeter

Monica Sanchez Hernandez

Social Policy, University of Bristol

Deepti Bhat

Education, University of Bristol

Ella Barclay

Health and Wellbeing, University of West England

Nimrah Azfal

Psychology, University of Bath

Wanting to get involved?

Student reps are an important part of the SWDTP to inform the way we work and to lead various cohort building activities. If you are interested in becoming a student rep, please contact one of the reps or contact Jo or Eloise.

University of Bath Logo Banner

The Bath student reps team would like to welcome everyone (SWDTP-funded or not) to their weekly lunches!

The SWDTP-Bath weekly lunches are an opportunity for SWDTP-funded student at the University of Bath to build community and socialize, as well as ask questions or raise concerns to the SWDTP Bath Reps (Sam, Sophie) and, once a month, to Ana Bullock.

The lunches take place on Tuesdays, from 12-13:30 at the Lime Tree Restaurant. During this time, students can drop in and out as they see fit.

For Bristol and Exeter students similar lunches are potentially in the works!