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Exciting opportunities for placements with Welsh Government!

Students will be placed within the within the Engagement and Analysis Team of the EU Exit and Strategy division of Welsh Government.   The team is responsible for the co-ordination of engagement and analysis of evidence with policy leads and stakeholder from across the Energy, Environment and Rural Affairs (EERA) portfolio in relation of the impacts Brexit.   The team works cross-departmentally, supporting policy teams to consider and capture the evidence needs, issues and tasks required for the negotiations and the future in a post-EU Wales.

Purpose of the post

Working within the evidence team the overarching purpose of the placement is to: provide support in identifying evidence, data collation and working with stakeholders on a range of EU exit issues; and provide analytical support and technical input to assist Welsh policy makers, with a primary focus on EU exit implications, risks and opportunities across EERA’s policy portfolio. 

Normally placements will be for a 3-month period, although longer placements would be considered. 

Key Tasks

The exact tasks required of the students will be dependent on the particular focus of the team at the time of the placement but will likely centre around the following areas:

  • Evidence co-ordination and quality assurance – by working with policy teams to identify evidence needs and ensuring appropriate methodologies, analysis and findings
  • Analysis and modelling – by using a range of data, existing scenario predictions and GIS tools to explain complex relationships
  • Stakeholder engagement – facilitating discussion and collecting opinions
  • Programme Documentation – by ensuring the availability of relevant programme documents and data management tools
  • Desk based research – by using appropriate methods to provide evidence reviews (literature or statistical data) on specific topics

From these areas specific tasks could include: –

  • Analysis of social data, specifically around behaviours to identify implications, opportunities and risks; providing the synthesis of evidence and producing concise reports/evidence updates.  
  • Support the modelling of the geographical vulnerabilities of the EU exit, working with the team to consider evidence/data layering and spatial implications
  • Managing the teams evidence database;  reviewing technical literature and research outputs to identify outcomes and impacts for policy, working with communications to develop effective mechanisms to channel key research findings and impacts using the most appropriate format and ensuring that information is shared widely.
  • Support on-going research projects, inputting into specification or procurement processes, evaluating tenders and attending projects meetings. 
  • Provide support for specific data or evidence review for the ongoing projects as necessary – e.g. work with Statistician and Economist leads to analyse data sources, sampling and review findings. 

Location and pattern of working

The role will be full-time and based within the Cathays Park (Cardiff) offices of Welsh Government. The student will have the opportunity to sit with the EU Exit and Strategy division, Senior Evidence Advisers and engage with both policy lead and a range of internal and external stakeholders.

Student Specification

The students must have:

  • Strong data analysis skills and experience handling/manipulating data
  • The ability to produce concise well written documents presenting technical material in an accessible format

Development Opportunities

The successful candidates will join the Division which is co-ordinating the response to the EU referendum across the Energy, Environment and Rural Affairs portfolio.

These placements offer experience of working in an interesting and diverse team, focusing on high profile areas of work with often challenging deadlines.   With support from their WG supervisors, the students will be expected to take responsibility for managing and delivery of work commitments, providing opportunity to develop team working and project management skills. 

Working closely with a wide range of colleagues the students will build valuable working relationships, broaden their knowledge and understanding of Welsh Government policy work and have opportunity to identify areas to add value to the delivery of evidence based policy.   There will also be the potential opportunity to meet wide range of industry stakeholders.

For a chat and further information about these placement opportunities please contact:

Joanne Amesbury

EU Exit & Strategy Unit

Department for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs

Welsh Government


Telephone: 0300 025 3737