Angus Ryan

Social Policy

PhD Researcher in Social Policy (ESRC+3)
School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol

Start date: October 2017

Research topic: Corporate crime punishment

Research suggests that social policy is inadequate in regulating health and safety offences, as a large amount of harm bypasses the criminal justice system. I believe the largest gap in policy is how these offences are dealt with. My research uses interviews and focus groups to build a case for alternative punishments for health and safety offences. I aim to answer the following questions:

1) Are current sanctions effective for the control of safety crime?

2) Are community sentence orders or equity fines better suited to punish and deter corporate offenders?

To answer these questions I look at the regulation and punishment of health and safety nationally and internationally.

Research supervisors: Ms Christina Pantazis, Dr Demi Patsios

Professional memberships/Positions held: