Jordan Maynard


PhD Researcher in Education (ESRC +3)
Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol

Start date: September 2016

Research topic: Facilitating inclusive identity discourse through co­authored personal writing in the primary classroom: an empowerment inquiry in collaboration with Bristol City Council’s Gypsy Roma Traveller Support Team.

In collaboration with Bristol City Council’s Gypsy, Roma, Traveller Team, I am investigating the potential benefits of identity discourse between Gypsy Roma Traveller pupils and their teachers through the production of co­authored inclusive literature. Cooperative and creative projects that facilitate identity discourse through story­-sharing could offer an opportunity to develop important cultural understanding between pupil and teacher and, importantly, offer Gypsy Roma Traveller pupils a chance for their voice to be heard in the education system from which they are too often excluded.

Research supervisors: Dr Sue Timmis, Mrs Helen Knowler