Maxime Perrott

Advanced Quantitative Methods

PhD Researcher in Advanced Quantitative Methods (ESRC 1+3)
School of Education/School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol

Start date: October 2020

Research topic: Exploring the relationship between relative school starting age, emotional development and ADHD diagnosis in England.

My research will centre around analysis of data from the English context to provide new evidence on the interaction between relative school starting age (those youngest and oldest in the school year) and early years ‘schoolification’, the long-term consequences for children and the mechanisms that underlie any effects.

I hope to explore associations between relative school starting age and children’s emotional development in Reception class, as well as discover whether discrepancies exist between parents and teachers’ perceptions and clinical diagnosis. Then, I will investigate how relative school starting age may be associated with trajectories of academic and socioemotional development into mid-to-late-adolescence and how these trajectories may vary according to indicators of emotional development in the Reception year, gender, maternal education and birth cohort.


Research supervisors: Dr Liz Washbrook (Bristol), Dr Matt Dickson (Bath), Dr Ioanna Bakopoulou (Bristol)

Professional memberships/Positions held:

SWDTP Student Rep