Victoria Christodoulides

Health and Wellbeing, Student Rep

PhD Researcher in Health and Wellbeing (ESRC +3)
Department for Health, University of Bath

Start date: October 2018

Research topic: Understanding the value of creative experiences for recovery from trauma in the context of socioeconomic inequality.

Victoria Christodoulides is an SWDTP scholarship PhD student within the Health Department at the University of Bath. Victoria’s project focuses on co-exploring how childhood trauma recovery literacies impact understanding and practising of recovery beyond the biomedical. Using co-constructive Participatory Action arts-based approaches, Victoria looks to explore how informal public pedagogical spaces can support this extension. Victoria is utilising an interdisciplinary perspective incorporating sociology, policy and the arts with expertise from Universities at Bath and UWE. Working collaboratively with external organisations the project will develop an engaging experience through an exhibition examining these questions within public space. Victoria engages with post-qualitative inquiry and feminist new materialist thought to support the re-imagination of how recovery literacies are conceptualised and utilised, with particular attention to affective pedagogies.


Research supervisors: Professor Simone Fullagar, Professor Sarah Halligan

Professional memberships/Positions held:

Present Health Doctoral Student Representative and Department Peer Mentor

Committee Member for Bath Science in Policy

Chair for Bristol Action Medical for Research