SWDTP Induction 2018- Overview

We were pleased to welcome our new 2018 SWDTP Cohort at our Induction Event on Wednesday. Thank you to everyone who attended- new researchers, current researchers and Institutional Coordinators! It was great to finally put some faces to some names and start to get to know you as individuals and as a cohort. There was a lot of information to take in- a lot! So, to jog your memory, check out the summary of the day below!


SWDTP Director- Professor Sally Barnes welcomed everyone and delivered an introduction to the DTP. She introduced the SWDTP team and the Institutional Coordinators and she reflected on the collaborative environment at the SWDTP, urging new researchers to get involved in student initiatives and extra funding opportunities.

Prof. Sally Barnes addressing the new cohort
Current Researcher Josie Hooker introducing the new cohort to the South West Research Co-op

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That left just enough time for a BBQ and some socialising in the sun! Thanks again to everyone who joined us! Now, go make the most of your SWDTP!

Socialising at the SWDTP BBQ
Socialising at the SWDTP BBQ