SWDTP Mentoring Training

Welcome to the 2019/20 SWDTP Mentoring Training Programme.

First of all, thank you so much for signing up to be a mentor! 

Below are 14 videos, which will total out at under an hour. This is then followed by a short test to ensure that you were paying attention! The threshold to pass this is 70%. Once the test has been completed we will be able to inform you of your mentees. Please note that you will receive an hours of pay for completion of this training and test.

1) Introduction to Mentoring

2) Should I tell my Mentee I’m Being Paid?

3) Am I expected to Buy my Mentee Coffee?

4) Mentoring Life Cycle

5) What if my Mentee Doesn’t Respond?

6) Privacy and Boundaries

7) Diversity and Equality

8) The W-Curve of Adjustment

9) Active Listening

10) Verbalising Problems

11) GROW Questions

12) Health and Wellbeing

13) Getting Paid

14) Summary

Once you have completed all the required videos, can you please complete the test below. Once this has been submitted it will be checked to ensure that you make the 70% threshold. If not you will have to retake until the threshold is met.