Annayah Prosser

Sustainable Futures

PhD Researcher in Sustainable Futures (ESRC 1+3)
Department of Psychology, University of Bath

Start date: September 2018

Research topic: From Action to Identity and Back Again: An exploration of the adoption, maintenance, and transmission of pro-environmental behaviour among moralised practice group members and non-members

Transport, diet and material consumption are widely identified as crucial sites for environmental behaviour change. However, these behaviours are woven into daily life, and their change requires a great deal of personal or social sacrifice. Despite this, many people adapt their daily behaviour drastically in light of moral sensitivity to environmental concerns- adopting new identities (e.g. Vegan or Voluntary Simplifier) and reorganizing their lifestyles in accordance with their moral values.

My research examines intra and intergroup processes involved in the maintenance, transmission and adoption of pro-environmental identities, and their role in influencing or inhibiting social change in wider populations.

Research supervisors: Dr Tim Kurz, Dr Saffron O’Neill , Dr Jan-Willem Bolderdijk

Professional memberships/Positions held:

Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Society for Improving Psychological Science