Becky White

Social Policy

PhD Researcher in Social Policy (ESRC 1+3)
School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol

Start date: October 2020

Research topic: Victim as Participant: Exploring the relationship between victim participation, legally represented within the court space, and retributive justice outcomes at the International Criminal Court

My research will examine the impact on retributive justice outcomes of victim participation, through legal representation by the Office for Public Counsel for Victims (OPCV), at the International Criminal Court. Restorative justice appears to be the focus of research in this area to date, however I would like to move beyond emotional or moral justifications for victim participation and explore the function served by the OPCV to both notions of justice and truth within the court space.

Research supervisors: Professor Christina Pantazis, Dr Natasha Mulvihill

Professional memberships/Positions held:

SWDTP Student Rep