Dr Claire Lee

Education Alumni

PhD Researcher in Education (ESRC+3)
Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol

Start date: September 2016

Graduation date: September 2020

Research topic: An ethnographic investigation into the needs and concerns of service children in UK primary schools

Children from armed forces families have unique needs and face uncommon challenges. Yet their experiences are under-researched and too frequently overlooked in UK educational policy and practice. My research aim is to sharpen our understanding of service children’s needs and inform policy and practice in schools. Using an ethnographic and participant, task-centred approach I seek to explore children’s experiences, identities and agency, and how these intersect with policy and practice in schools and the military.  My personal history informs this research, as a former service child and a teacher in a school that serves an RAF community.

Research supervisors: Dr Malcolm Reed, Dr Frances Giampapa

Email: claire.lee@bristol.ac.uk