Dan Northover


PhD Researcher in Education (ESRC 1+3)
Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter

Start date: September 2015

Research topic: Progression in Learning Skills: Developing a formative assessment framework to track, support and inform planning for the progression of Learning Skills in primary education

My research will primarily seek to create a formative assessment framework for tracking the progress of ‘Learning Skills’ (a term used in a number of schools and LAs to describe the skills or dispositions necessary for learning to learn, developing positive learning dispositions, metacognition and self-regulated learning) across primary school. This will take the form of a practical, teacher-friendly formative assessment framework that can be used by teachers and children to assess development in Learning Skills, in order to support children to make sustained and informed progress throughout their primary years.

Research supervisors: Dr Shirley Larkin

Email: dn271@exeter.ac.uk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dan_northover