Felix Wilson

Global Political Economy

PhD Researcher in Global Political Economy (ESRC 1+3)
Business School, University of Exeter

Start date: October 2020

Research topic: A Critical Investigation of Potential Success Factors When Implementing National Carbon Tax Policies

It is becoming ever more apparent that society faces an increasing number of threatening environmental challenges. With a growing number of events linked to global warming, such as the increase in world temperatures and rising sea level since the 19th century, it is possible to see the importance of making real progress towards decarbonisation. As a result of this, I intend to explore the modes of best practice for implementing national carbon tax policies, focusing on previous success factors, potential new initiatives and the role of politics.

Research supervisors: Professor Lynne Oats, Dr. John D'Attoma

Professional memberships/Positions held:

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant at The University of Exeter, teaching both UG and PG Taxation.

Distance Learning Associate Lecturer at Arden University

Email: fw331@exeter.ac.uk