Katy Brown

Political Science and International Studies

PhD Researcher in Political Science and International Studies (ESRC 1+3)
Department of Politics, Language and International Studies, University of Bath

Start date: October 2017

Research topic: ‘Talking with’ and ‘talking about’ the far right: putting the mainstream back into mainstreamin

It is widely acknowledged that the far right has enjoyed increased success over recent years in Europe. However, a focus on electoral gains has led to misperceptions about the extent and nature of its impact. Discursive studies have largely investigated on how far-right parties have ‘softened’ their rhetoric to appear less extreme. While this internal strategy is important, mainstreaming is more complex, and there is a need to shift the focus towards the system in which far-right parties, or more specifically their ideas, are allowed to flourish. My PhD explores the role of mainstream elites within politics, the media and academia in creating this receptive environment.

Research supervisors: Dr Aurelien Mondon, Dr Sophia Hatzisavvidou

Email: kjb28@bath.ac.uk