Masha Remskar


PhD Researcher in Psychology (ESRC +3)
Department of Psychology, University of Bath

Start date: October 2020

Research topic: Mindfulness, Movement and Mood: Mindfulness as Adjunctive Therapy to Physical Activity in a Digital Person-Based Mood Disorders Intervention

My research explores the effects of mindfulness practice and physical activity on student mental health. In particular, I am interested in the benefits that arise from combining the two approaches over and above either method individually. My aim is to develop and evaluate a digital intervention in collaboration with the University’s Student Services, Department of Computer Science and the B&NES division of Public Health England. Through this work I hope to expand the understanding of how mindfulness practice can help people engage in physical activity more regularly, and how this impacts their psychological well-being.

Research supervisors: Professor Paul Chadwick, Dr Ben Ainsworth, Dr Max Western, Dr Olivia Maynard (University of Bristol)

Professional memberships/Positions held:

British Psychological Association member

European Health Psychology Society member

Doctoral Faculty Representative for University of Bath’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (2020/21)