Maya Gumussoy


PhD Researcher in Psychology (ESRC +3)
School of Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol

Start date: September 2019

Research topic: Investigating the usefulness of social and educational interventions to reduce the disgust response towards the ingestion of insects and cultured meat

The topic of my research is novel foods and how the emotion of disgust plays a role in mediating our interactions with these foods. I am particularly interested in novel proteins that are more environmentally sustainable and nutritious than conventionally consumed meats. Protein sources such as insects and cultured meat are often rejected by Western consumers as they are perceived as disgusting. The aim of my research is to first understand this food rejection and second, to investigate the usefulness of social and educational interventions to overcome the disgust response so that these sustainable sources of protein become more widely consumed.

Research supervisors: Professor Peter Rogers, Dr Danielle Ferriday, Professor Liesbeth Zandstra (Wageningen Uni)