Nasrul Ismail

Health and Wellbeing, Student Rep

PhD Researcher in Health and Wellbeing (ESRC +3 )
Health and Social Sciences, UWE Bristol

Start date: October 2017

Research topic: Understanding the impact of macroeconomic austerity on prisoner health and wellbeing in England

Using qualitative methods, my research will investigate the variegated, deepening impact of austerity on prisoner health and wellbeing.

To date, no qualitative studies have focused on understanding the effects of austerity on prisoner health and wellbeing. The evidence is dominated by quantitative studies that make associations between fiscal consolidation and prison instability.

Responding to this omission, my research will deliver four interdisciplinary work programmes, covering international, national, regional, and individual domains that will collectively explore the current disconnect between policy and practice.

This research project is supported by 11 key organisations involved with prison health in England.

Research supervisors: Dr Nick de Viggiani, Professor Christina Pantazis

Professional memberships/Positions held:

Member of Early Career Academics Network, Howard League for Penal Reform

Associate Member of the Local Authorities Research Intelligence Association (LARIA)

Member of the Market Research Society (MRS)

SWDTP Student Representative