Dr Rachel Wilder

Social Work Alumni

PhD Researcher in Social Work (ESRC 1+3)
School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol

Start date: September 2013

Graduation date: May 2019

Research topic: Policy making about sex and relationships education in primary schools in Bristol

The aim of my research is to explore how decision makers negotiate what ‘knowledge’ contributes to sex and relationships education (SRE) policy for a selection of primary schools in Bristol. ‘Decision makers’ refers to governors, head teachers, SRE teachers, external consultants and others who contribute to decision-making about SRE. This will involve looking at what criteria decision makers, as individuals and as a potential collective, use to assign value to different kinds of information (including technical information, historical pathways, community values, personal attitudes, etc.) and how decision makers use these knowledge(s) to create a case and to negotiate with other decision makers to advance their political persuasion and preferences with regards to SRE policy.

Research supervisors: Dr Debbie Watson, Dr Ailsa Cameron

Email: Rachel.wilder@bristol.ac.uk