Richard D’Souza


PhD Researcher in Education (ESRC 1+3)
Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter

Start date: September 2018

Research topic: The Creative and the Critical: Effective Assessment of Creativity in Writing

I have been fascinated by the ‘creativity question’ since re-entering education as a teacher-researcher. With rapid changes in technology, economics, politics, and globalized societies, there has been increasing interest in the role of education in shaping the knowledge and skills of our future citizens in a more applied and purposeful way. Yet, there is little consensus as to how to define, assess, and ultimately achieve ‘progress’ in the classroom with regard to creativity. My research brings together the processes and attitudes of professional writers, lecturers, and teachers to illuminate ways forward for formative assessment and feedback for creativity in writing.

Research supervisors: Dr Anthony Wilson, Dr Susan Jones