Dr Siobhan Mitchell

Health and Wellbeing Alumni

PhD Researcher in Health and Wellbeing (ESRC +3)
Department for Health, University of Bath

Start date: September 2014

Graduation date: June 2018

Research topic: Implications of maturation timing on the psychological wellbeing of elite dancers

Current research suggests that maturation timing (whether an individual biologically matures in advance of their peers, later than their peers or at an average time) may be an important factor in how individuals cope with different learning experiences and social contexts and can therefore play a role in subsequent psychological wellbeing. My PhD research aims to explore this within the context of elite dance training and to investigate how we might use this knowledge within dance teaching contexts to promote and to optimise psychological wellbeing in adolescent dancers.

Research supervisors: Dr Sean Cumming (Bath), Dr Anne Haase (Bristol)

Professional memberships/Positions held:

International Association of Dance Medicine and Science Member

One Dance UK Member

Organising Committee Member SWDTC Student Conference 2015

Council Member, South West Research Cooperative

International Association of Dance Medicine and Science Student Committee Member

Email: S.B.Mitchell@bath.ac.uk

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/siobhan-mitchell-653b5450

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Siobhan_Dance