Suzannah Runnacles


PhD Researcher in Education (ESRC 1+3)
Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter

Start date: October 2018

Research topic: Metalinguistic modelling of writing: Re-framing classroom talk about writing

My research will focus on the emergent concept of ‘metalinguistic modelling’, seeking to conceptualise it theoretically and to explore how it is operationalised pedagogically in the primary classroom. The research has the potential to change teachers’ practice in the management of talk about writing, and through this to make a material difference to children’s achievements in writing.

The principal objectives of my study will be, firstly, to generate a theoretical conceptualisation of the term ‘metalinguistic modelling’, and secondly, to develop effective pedagogical practices in metalinguistic modelling which can be shared across the profession.

Research supervisors: Professor Debra Myhill, Dr Annabel Watson