Dr Tim Morris

Advanced Quantitative Methods Alumni

PhD Researcher in Advanced Quantitative Methods (ESRC +3)
School of Geographical Sciences / Centre for Multilevel Modelling, University of Bristol

Start date: September 2014

Research topic: Examining the impact of residential mobility in childhood and adolescence on health and educational outcomes

My research employs longitudinal cohort modelling to examine the way in which key life events such as residential mobility in childhood and adolescence impact upon health and educational outcomes in these periods. My research is situated in an advanced quantitative framework and principally conducted on the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, a Bristol based cohort of children born in the early 1990’s, and draws on elements from the epidemiological, educational, geographical, and broad social science disciplines.

Research supervisors: Dr David Manley , Professor Clive Sabel

Professional memberships/Positions held:

Society for Social Medicine

Email: tim.morris@bristol.ac.uk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bristimtom

Website/Blog: http://research-information.bristol.ac.uk/en/persons/timothy-t-morris(bd60db65-0185-4afa-9612-5d21bbc29a78).html