Carlotta Molfese

Human Geography

PhD Researcher in Human Geography (ESRC 1+3)
Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Plymouth University

Start date: October 2017

Research topic: The Back-To-The-Land movement and nature in the Anthropocene: a personal journey through “haptic geographies”

My PhD will be looking at one particular social movement – the back-to-the-land movement (BTL) – and its engagement with the non-human world. Through an auto-ethnographical methodology that will pay particular attention to sensorial experience with the non-human world, I aim to investigate counter-culturenature ontologies as practiced on the ground by BTLs to highlight the diversity of relationships to and performances of nature within the presumed homogeneous Western society. Finally, through the lenses of anarchist theory I will attempt to respond to some of the philosophical and practical challenges presented by the emergence of the Anthropocene concept.

Research supervisors: Dr Kim Ward, Professor Geoff Wilson