Chengxi Hu

Advanced Quantitative Methods

PhD Researcher in Advanced Quantitative Methods (ESRC +3)
School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol

Start date: September 2016

Research topic: Prediction of population ageing trends and potential risks in China's cities

China is on the brink of a transformation to an ageing society. Population ageing also constitutes multifaceted challenges and potential risks to Chinese society. My research attempts to provide a broad macro perspective on the population ageing process and trends and forecast the future impact of these demographic changes in China’s cities. Based on the panel data of 660 cities in China and some specially selected demographic and socioeconomic variables, a prediction model shall be developed to predict ageing trends and potential risks across different cities in China. A region-level policy analysis shall also be explored.

Research supervisors: Dr Winnie Wang, Dr Junko Yamashita