Ellen Greaves


PhD Researcher in Economics (ESRC +3)
Economics, Finance and Management, University of Bristol

Start date: September 2016

Research topic: The economics of school choice

My research will provide evidence on whether parents in England value academic quality when choosing between state-schools, which is necessary for the mechanism of school choice to improve academic standards. I will explore the effects of school choice on social and ethnic segregation across schools, and simulate how this would change under alternative admissions criteria for schools that move away from the typical distance based criteria, accounting for residential preferences. I will also explore the causal effect of school quality on future attainment, by comparing the outcomes for children that are marginally accepted and rejected from their preferred school.

Research supervisors: Dr Simon Burgess, Dr Helene Turon

Professional memberships/Positions held:

Part-time senior research economist at the Institute for Fiscal Studies.


Email: ellen.greaves@bristol.ac.uk