Dr Lorenz Hartmann

Economics Alumni

PhD Researcher in Economics (ESRC 1+3)
Business School, University of Exeter

Start date: September 2014

Graduation date: January 2019

Research topic: Decision Making under Ambiguity: Axiomatic Decision Theory and Games

I work on decision making under ambiguity, that is I study behaviour of decision makers whose preferences cannot be modelled within Savage’s subjective expected utility theory. In one of my projects “Hierarchy of Ambiguity Aversion” I aim to unify two leading definitions of ambiguity aversion. A by-product is the axiomatization of so called exact capacities. In another project “A Definition of Perceived Ambiguity” I propose a new way of measuring perceived ambiguity in the multiple prior model and I apply my theory to normal-form games.

Research supervisors: Professor David Kelsey, Professor Dieter Balkenborg

Email: lh474@exeter.ac.uk