Maria Cristina Montero de Espinosa

Advanced Quantitative Methods

PhD Researcher in Advanced Quantitative Methods (ESRC +3.3)
College of Social Sciences and International Studies, University of Exeter

Research topic: Impacts of corporate agri-business on Bolivia’s Indigenous Peoples: a case study of soya bean value chains in the region of Santa Cruz.

Former Bolivian president, Evo Morales, had been criticized for accommodating neoliberal policies and state-corporate alliances, widely considered to harm the people who supported his election into office. By using difference in difference with matching, as well as the synthetic control method, which is innovative to social sciences, my aim with this project is to provide new insights on the impacts of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) for development and examine how such partnerships may, contrary to popular opinion, actually be improving the livelihoods of indigenous peoples.

Research supervisors: Dr Gabriel Katz (University of Exeter), Dr Andres Sandoval Hernandez (University of Bath)